BlackTech Weekend

Here Luminaries Provide Insight On Raising Capital.

Angela Benton

NewMe, Ceo and Founder

Antonia Dean

Venture For America, Vice President of External Relations

Ariel Lopez

Founder 20/20Shift

Armando Seay

CEO Dovestech LLC & Executive Director Greater Baltimore Cares Mentoring Movement

Brian Brackeen

Karios / Tech Founder

Chris Christmas

Founder and CEO of Keep Livin

Christopher S. Fils

Vice President and Branch Manager for Morgan Stanley in Silicon Valley, CA.

Derick Pearson

Co-Founder of Black Tech Week, Author, Social Entrepreneur

Felecia Hatcher

Black Tech Week Founder, Author, & Entrepreneur

Hajj Flemings

Brand Camp University, CEO and Founder

Lance Lucas

Founder and CEO of Digit All Systems

Lauren Maillian

Founder and CEO, LMB Group

Leigh-Ann A. Buchanan, Esq.

Executive Director of Venture Cafe Miami

Lyneir Richardson

Executive Director, CUEED

Marlon C. Nichols

Managing Partner, Cross Culture Ventures

Matt Haggman

Program Director • Knight Foundation

Michael Seibel

CEO and Partner, Y Combinator

Nnena Ukuku

Co-founder, Venture Gained Legal

Peter Walker

Co-Founder and CTO, Jamkazam

Richard Kerby

Vice President, Venrock

Rodney Williams

Founder & CEO of Lisnr

Sarah Kunst

Founder and CEO, Proday

Starex Smith

SVP - Code Fever Miami Inc.; Founder - The Hungry Black Man

Thomas K.R. Stovall

CANDID Microfeedback, Leader: ImBlackInTech Membership Network

Trabian Shorters

BMe Community, CEO and Founder