BlackTech Weekend

Here Luminaries Provide Insight On Raising Capital.

Angela Benton

NewMe, Ceo and Founder

Antonia Dean

Venture For America, Vice President of External Relations

Ariel Lopez

Founder 20/20Shift

Armando Seay

CEO Dovestech LLC & Executive Director Greater Baltimore Cares Mentoring Movement

Brian Brackeen

Karios, CEO and Founder

Chris Christmas

Founder and CEO of Keep Livin

Christopher S. Fils

Vice President and Branch Manager for Morgan Stanley in Silicon Valley, CA.

Derick Pearson

Co-Founder of Black Tech Week, Author, Social Entrepreneur

Felecia Hatcher

Black Tech Week Founder, Author, & Entrepreneur

Hajj Flemings

Brand Camp University, CEO and Founder

Lance Lucas

Founder and CEO of Digit All Systems

Lauren Maillian

Founder and CEO, LMB Group

Leigh-Ann A. Buchanan, Esq.

Executive Director of Venture Cafe Miami

Lyneir Richardson

Executive Director, CUEED

Marlon C. Nichols

Managing Partner, Cross Culture Ventures

Matt Haggman

Program Director • Knight Foundation

Michael Seibel

CEO and Partner, Y Combinator

Nnena Ukuku

Co-founder, Venture Gained Legal

Peter Walker

Co-Founder and CTO, Jamkazam

Richard Kerby

Vice President, Venrock

Rodney Williams

Founder & CEO of Lisnr

Sarah Kunst

Founder and CEO, Proday

Starex Smith

SVP - Code Fever Miami Inc.; Founder - The Hungry Black Man

Thomas K.R. Stovall

CANDID Microfeedback, Leader: ImBlackInTech Membership Network

Trabian Shorters

BMe Community, CEO and Founder