VC In Residence making funding more inclusive.


Reshaping the Way Black Communities

Engage, Contribute, and Are Valued in the Innovation Sector.


Code Fever Miami reshapes Black communities into thriving, innovative, engaging, productive, and value producing innovation spaces.

Only 1% of VC’s are Black, about 1 percent of VC money goes to Black founders, and only 13 black women founders in the entire nation have raised a million dollars or more in venture capital.


VC in Residence fosters investment in entrepreneurs of color promotes, and supports sustainable economic development in the communities where we work

Code Fever & Blacktech Week’s first-of-its-kind VC in Residence program, where America’s top VC’s spend a month in Miami advising and guiding Black, Latinx and Caribbean entrepreneurs. 


VC in Residence program prepares new and established entrepreneurs for structured and blitz scaling

The VC in Residence program incorporates an intensive four-week boot camp, weekly instructor and residentvc office hours, weekly speaker series, and Smashd Code + Culture conference.  The boot camp will include virtual classroom participation and in-person development, from our Office Hour investors and entrepreneurs, on how to start and scale a startup.

Meet Marlon

Marlon Nichols is a Managing Partner at Cross Culture Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with a focus on cultural investments.  Prior to founding Cross Culture Ventures, Nichols was an investment director at Intel Capital where he led investments in women- and minority-led technology startups through the company’s Diversity Fund. Prior to joining the Diversity Fund, Marlon championed the seed-stage investment program for the Ultrabook and Perceptual Computing investment sector, working closely with the startup ecosystem to source, invest in, and advise early-stage, high-growth technology companies working on new mobile technologies enhanced by novel user experiences and perceptual computing. Marlon’s investments included Afrostream, Gimlet Media, Hingeto, LendStreet, LISNR, Mark One (Vessyl), Mayvenn, Mirantis, MongoDB, mSurvey, One Preschool, ReplyYes, Sidestep, Skurt and Thrive Market.  Prior to joining Intel Capital, Marlon served as the Lead Fund Manager of Cornell University’s BR Venture Fund, the college’s evergreen venture capital fund.

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A special dinner salon with influencers

We believe that in order to unlock new ideas a potential its important to understand a city at it’s best and worst. With no agenda per se this dinner salon is designed for us to get to know the city by listening and providing a space for those who normally don’t connect with each other to connect. The goal for the dinners are to fill it with the most diverse, creative and passionate city influencers in order to create the most radically transparent conversations in the city for that evening. Our conversation design, curated guest list and impeccable food choices make for an evening of amazing discoveries and connections.


Boss Women Breakfast

Morning gathering of the city’s most amazing females

Culture & Code led by our Cross Culture VC colleague Suzy Ryoo connect with women executives, founders and influencers in every city we attend. The Boss Women Breakfast connects women who likely have never been in the same room together in a heartwarming experience. Suzy hosts the event with a local female executive and we jointly curate the invite list.

AMA Townhall

Entrepreneurs and Founders ask our syndicate questions about their business

The Ask Me Anything (AMA) format allows Culture & Code to bring in guests from our syndicate to engage with local entrepreneurs around candid and transparent questions about their business. The environment is designed so that the community has an opportunity to learn more about growing their business from our experts.  Format includes a panel-style conversation followed by on-stage and individual Q&A.


Culture & Code partners with an organization doing work with youth in the community

Culture & Code is about preparing the next generation of young entrepreneurs and we devote 1-2 hours to supporting an organization specifically focused on youth in the community. Example programs include Design thinking labs, Entrepreneurship workshops, hack-a-thons, etc.