Is There Space for You in the Current World of Technology?

By Adrianne Richardson

The world of technology is ever-changing and consumers are now becoming both producers and entrepreneurs.
So, how do you fit in with such a fast-paced space? Is there room for you and your ideas?
According to A. Randolph, anything is possible. Randolph has made space for himself and his ideas in the world of technology through several channels: as an Urban, Soul artist, a producer, an engineer and an entrepreneur.
“I have worked with various artists like SWV, Monica, Jagged Edge and many others,” said Randolph.
Randolph also released his single, “Good Time”, back in January 2014 that landed on the Billboard chart. He has already hit the ground running with his second single, “I Will Run”.
But how can opportunities like this open up for other up-and-coming artists and/or entrepreneurs?
“We need more incubators and more media involved,” said Randolph. “This will help get the word out about what’s happening within the current tech space.”
Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist, software engineer, etc. there is space in the tech world for you; however, it’s up to you to stay informed about opportunities for seed funding and networking opportunities.
One way Randolph is helping to expand opportunities within the music industry is through the A. Randolph World of Music and Technology—a program for children to gain exposure to the tech side of the music industry through the Power Course, Quad Program, Pop-Up Programs and more.
“They only see the artist side and not really behind the scenes,” said Randolph.
The program was started in October 2014 and is based in Miami Lakes. This contribution to the world of technology also shows students how to build themselves through exploring what self-empowerment means—both very important subjects in black culture.
For Miami’s Black Tech Week 2016, Randolph plans to host a tech show that will allow students from various schools in Miami to have a platform to show off their talent and passion for music.
This idea came to him after attending Black Tech Week 2015.
“I learned how to come up with new ways to implement my business within this market,” Randolph said. “We have a better curriculum that’s more interactive for the kids.”
As Randolph and his program equips students with the tools to be producers in the future world of music technology, he constantly encourages others to keep pushing forward regardless of how hard the market gets.
“The only person that loses is the one that stops—go forward towards your dream!”
For more information about the A. Randolph World of Music and Technology, visit