Ayori Selassie

Founder of Selfpreneur


Ayori Selassie is the creator of Life Model Design, a methodology used to improve life outcomes using design thinking. As the inventor of Life Model Canvas® (the framework to design your life), Selassie is a globally recognized thought leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and innovator. Selassie is the founder of Selfpreneur, whose mission is to merge entrepreneurship and employment to create a new model for living, the Life Model. Selassie publishes content regularly on TheSelfpreneur.com to share best practices and stories of disruptive social innovation in the fourth industrial revolution.

Selassie is a leader and Product Marketing Manager on Einstein at Salesforce, delivering artificial intelligence for everyone. Selassie leverages over twenty years of software engineering, technology and consulting experience serving as a trusted adviser to enterprise businesses. Selassie spent the past ten years working at Salesforce delivering cloud business solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Selassie cemented a reputation in AI as a Product Manager implementing the first machine learning solutions for HR before making a career shift to solution engineering where she ranked among the top performing platform consultants in the U.S before finally taking a leadership role on Einstein.