Dr. E. Lance McCarthy

Faith Based Economist and Investment Advisor


Dr. E. Lance McCarthy is a nationally recognized Faith Based Economist and Investment Advisor, with a specialty in urban development. Dr. McCarthy has assisted non-profit organizations, churches, corporations, professional athletes and cities with economic development and financing plans. His public policy research, Fortune 100 experience, entrepreneurial endeavors and non-profit initiatives give him insight into our nation’s most pressing problems. Most recently Dr. McCarthy has been appointed National Economic Advisor for Faith Driven Consumer, the organization which represents more than 41 million Faith Driven Consumers in the United States, who collectively spend $2 trillion annually. Dr. McCarthy will be working with corporations to assist them in working with the Faith Driven Consumer. He also represents faith-based funding sources that have provided $1 billion dollars in investments for churches nationwide. Presently, Dr. McCarthy is a financial consultant on the upcoming movie “Mary”—set to arrive in theaters nationwide in December 2016.

In 2014, Dr. McCarthy co-founded Ferguson 1000 Jobs, an initiative that is developing a platform of coordinated efforts to create 1000 jobs in Ferguson, Missouri, and surrounding municipalities as a solution so that area’s widespread racial unrest. The initiative includes corporate job development, minority business development, faith-based strategies and youth technology training. Ferguson 1000 Jobs has in one year partnered with more than 100 companies to offer local hiring events and was invited to the White House to discuss Ferguson 1000, STEM projects and host a lecture in conjunction with the White House Technology Diversity Advisor, leading tech guru billionaires and the largest consulting firm in the world, Accenture.

Ferguson 1000 has evolved to Global 1000 with a special emphasis on Black Tech. Dr. Lance partnered with NFL Great Ray Lewis, Co-Founder of Priceline Jeff Hoffman, Real Estate Guru Richmond McCoy, Cyber Security Specialist Phyllis Newhouse and Entertainment Mogul Alki David. Global 1000 has expanded to Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. They have over 200 corporate partners, 100 Black Tech firms and 5,000 diverse candidates in their talent pool. Most recently Dr. Lance has launched Reveal Global 1000 Consulting an 8a Innovation Tech firm with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, Drone Development, Cyber Warfare and Defense Technology Innovation.