Rose Mary Stiffin, PhD

Chair of the Division of Health and Natural Sciences at Florida Memorial University


Dr. Rose Mary Stiffin is the Chair of the Division of Health and Natural Sciences at Florida Memorial University; where its ongoing research, we have synthesized a plethora of compounds that have shown wide biological activity as antimicrobials and anticancer agents. I have collaborated with researchers at Pennsylvania State University, the University of Oregon, Spelman College, the National Cancer Institute, Scripps Research Institute, and the University of Miami, to name a few.
Raised and educated in Indianola, Mississippi, notably the Delta hometown of the late blues legend, BB King; she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Mississippi Valley State University (1974), a Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from Mississippi State University (1981), and a PhD (Biochemistry) from the University of Tennessee in Memphis (1995). She completed her post-doctoral work at the world-famous hospital, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in Memphis, Tennessee (virology and immunology). As part of her master’s and PhD, Dr. Stiffin helped in the development of research that earned two patents, one in insecticide chemistry, and the other in the potential of developing a drug to treat diabetes at the molecular level.
Also an author, she has written several short stories and had some of them published in the Imagine literary magazine. Her literary work has also been published in the Algonquin Quarterly (“The Water Buffalo and Pink Flamingo”) and in an anthology For Your Eyes Only (“Casino Blues”). Walk in Bethel is her first novel; the winner of an international competition in General Fiction (June, 2015), for which Dr. Stiffin traveled to Paris to receive the award. She has also published three additional novels, Reflections, Groovin’ on the Half Shell, and A Winter Friend. Casino Blues is her fifth novel.