Small Business Feature: The Urban Play

College is often a time where most are searching for their purpose while taking courses, keeping a budget and holding one or two jobs.

When can you find the time to create your own business?
Two young ladies of Florida International University found a way to make their business work as college students. Meet Ashley Andrews, 21, and Dorie Cross, 21, Co-Founders of The Urban Play, a Miami-based media platform focused on showcasing the best of urban talent and lifestyle in South Florida.
“We are passionate about showcasing South Floridian urban talent and giving them a platform to not only be seen but heard,” said Andrews, Creative Director.
After about two months of planning, the founders launched The Urban Play’s website on Oct. 6, 2015. Fairly new, the team had carefully studied their audience, South Floridian’s ages 18-30, and were ready to deliver.
One way the team has maintained a presence in the current market is through interesting and eye-catching visuals that both grab and keep the viewers’ attention.
“Today’s youth need visuals as an accessory to retain information; words on a page are not enough,” said Cross, who is responsible for a host of things including video edits, submissions, writing articles and responding to emails as the Digital Media Director.
As a fairly successful startup, the team had to overcome obstacles in the tech industry. From seed funding, to being taken seriously as entrepreneurs, to branding their business.
“Finding funds for your startup may be difficult at first,” said Andrews. “I would advise young entrepreneurs to make your company special so that investors would have to take notice and invest.”
According to the team, The Urban Play is noticed because it covers the “urban lifestyle” that the media doesn’t; literally changing what it means to be “urban”, which isn’t uncivilized or ghetto.
In the near future, Andrews and Cross plan to expand The Urban Play team while thinking of creative ways to reach talent in South Florida, which includes more events, videos and interviews in the coming year.
“My advice to other Black entrepreneurs pursuing their own startup is to just go out and do it,” said Andrews.
“Your desire to succeed must be bigger than your fear of failure.”
For information on The Urban Play, visit

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