BTW 2015

Our 2015 Black Tech Week Speakers

Mariana Rego

South Florida Coordinator, LaunchCode & Co-Founder, Design Thinking

Ingrid Riley

Executive Director of Connectimass and Founder of Kingston BETA

Eric Osiakwan

Angel Africa / Advisor
Investor • Tech Founder

Joycelyn Brown

Managing Partner at Brown Intellectual Property Law Firm

Chinedu Echeruo

CEO & Founder •
Partner • Constant Capital Partners

Dominique Broadway

Financial Planner

Jewel Burks


Lance Lucas

Founder and CEO of Digit All Systems

Mike Green

Co-founder •  ScaleUp Partners, LLC

Aurelia Crews

Director at Rokk3r Labs

Diane Freaney

Rooted Investments • Founder

Tracey Jackson

User Experience Designer

Derick Pearson

Co-Founder of Black Tech Week, Author, Social Entrepreneur

Kevin V. Michael

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Invizio, LLC

Felecia Hatcher

Black Tech Week Founder, Author, & Entrepreneur

Josie Goytisolo

Codella / Tech Founder

Justin A. Washington

QA Engineer • Snapchat, Inc

Mark Entwistle

Founding Partner of Acasta Capital

Helen Aguirre

Bilingual Journalist

Michael Hall

Digital Grass • Founder

Lisandra Rickards


Emmanuel Pratt

Co-founder of the Sweet Water Foundation

Matthew A. Pigatt

Author of The Academic Hustle

Kanyi Maqubela

Kanyi Maqubela • Venture Capitalist

Charleson Bell

Chief Executive Officer • BioNanovations Corporation

Malou Harrison

President, MDC North Campus

Camila Souza

Writer and Community Manager for Tech.Co

David Banner

Grammy Award winning Music Producer, Recording Artist, Philanthropist, & Activist

Johnathan Holifield

Co-founder •  ScaleUp Partners, LLC

A. Randolph

Urban, Soul, Artist, Producer, Engineer and Entrepreneur

Pandwe Gibson, PhD

Executive Director • Ecotech Vision

Barron Channer

CEO, BACH Real Estate

Jon Gosier

MetaLayer / Tech Founder
Investor • Developer

Mandela Schumacher-Hodge

Director of Education for Entrepreneurs at UPGlobal

John Lewis

Global Chief Diversity Officer for The Coca-Cola Company

Mary Spio

PRESIDENT & FOUNDER • Next Galaxy Corp

Tanya Menendez

Co-Founder • Maker's Row

H. Leigh Toney

Executive Director • Miami Dade College

Dwayne Johnson

Co-founder •  ScaleUp Partners, LLC

Damon J. Batiste

Founder of the New Orleans South Africa Connection (NOSACONN)

Rolando Annillo

Corporate Counsel at Florida Crystals Corp

Jumaane N’Namdi

N'Namdi Contemporary • Director

Jaret Davis

Shareholder, GreenbergTrauig

Brian Dixon

Venture Capitalist • Kapor Capital

Stonly Baptise / Tech Founder • Investor

Lisa Jones Johnson


Andre Kay

CEO and Founder of Sociallybuzz

Patrice Wright-Lewis

Co-Founder and CEO • Gateway Software Development

Brian Brackeen

Karios / Tech Founder

Delane Parnell

Head of Retail at Rocket Fiber

Faquiry Diaz Cala

President & CEO, Tres Mares Group

Lisa-Mae Williams, RN, MSN

Director, Telehealth & eICU

Rafael Gonzaque

Senior Software Engineer • Makers Row

Marc Gauthier

Founder • Fruit of Life Organics

Matthew Burnett

Co-Founder • Maker's Row

Matt Haggman

Program Director • Knight Foundation