BTW 2015

Our 2015 Black Tech Week Speakers

Michael Hall

Digital Grass • Founder

Jewel Burks


Mary Spio

PRESIDENT & FOUNDER • Next Galaxy Corp

Rolando Annillo

Corporate Counsel at Florida Crystals Corp

Ingrid Riley

Executive Director of Connectimass and Founder of Kingston BETA

Rafael Gonzaque

Senior Software Engineer • Makers Row

Felecia Hatcher

Black Tech Week Founder, Author, & Entrepreneur

Roy Clay Sr.

Founder and CEO • ROD-L

Matt Haggman

Program Director • Knight Foundation

Emmanuel Pratt

Co-founder of the Sweet Water Foundation

Johnathan Holifield

Co-founder •  ScaleUp Partners, LLC

Malou Harrison

President, MDC North Campus

H. Leigh Toney

Executive Director • Miami Dade College

Kevin V. Michael

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Invizio, LLC

Mariana Rego

South Florida Coordinator, LaunchCode & Co-Founder, Design Thinking

A. Randolph

Urban, Soul, Artist, Producer, Engineer and Entrepreneur

Matthew Burnett

Co-Founder • Maker's Row

Barron Channer

CEO, BACH Real Estate

Tracey Jackson

User Experience Designer

Dwayne Johnson

Co-founder •  ScaleUp Partners, LLC

Delane Parnell

Head of Retail at Rocket Fiber

Torian Ellis

Principal • Torian Ellis

Eric Osiakwan

Angel Africa / Advisor
Investor • Tech Founder

Camila Souza

Writer and Community Manager for Tech.Co

Josie Goytisolo

Codella / Tech Founder

Jon Gosier

MetaLayer / Tech Founder
Investor • Developer

Jaret Davis

Shareholder, GreenbergTrauig

Tanya Menendez

Co-Founder • Maker's Row

Brian Brackeen

Karios, CEO and Founder

Andre Kay

CEO and Founder of Sociallybuzz

Charleson Bell

Chief Executive Officer • BioNanovations Corporation

Helen Aguirre

Bilingual Journalist

Brian Dixon

Venture Capitalist • Kapor Capital

Marc Gauthier

Founder • Fruit of Life Organics

Stonly Baptise / Tech Founder • Investor

Dominique Broadway

Financial Planner

Justin A. Washington

QA Engineer • Snapchat, Inc

Derick Pearson

Co-Founder of Black Tech Week, Author, Social Entrepreneur

Kanyi Maqubela

Kanyi Maqubela • Venture Capitalist

Chinedu Echeruo

CEO & Founder •
Partner • Constant Capital Partners

Jumaane N’Namdi

N'Namdi Contemporary • Director

Lance Lucas

Founder and CEO of Digit All Systems

Mike Green

Co-founder •  ScaleUp Partners, LLC

Matthew A. Pigatt

Author of The Academic Hustle

Mark Entwistle

Founding Partner of Acasta Capital

Joycelyn Brown

Managing Partner at Brown Intellectual Property Law Firm

Damon J. Batiste

Founder of the New Orleans South Africa Connection (NOSACONN)

Lisa-Mae Williams, RN, MSN

Director, Telehealth & eICU

Aurelia Crews

Director at Rokk3r Labs

Pandwe Gibson, PhD

Executive Director • Ecotech Vision

Mandela Schumacher-Hodge

Director of Education for Entrepreneurs at UPGlobal

David Banner

Grammy Award winning Music Producer, Recording Artist, Philanthropist, & Activist

Faquiry Diaz Cala

President & CEO, Tres Mares Group

Lisandra Rickards


Patrice Wright-Lewis

Co-Founder and CEO • Gateway Software Development