Your next win is at Black Tech Week July 16 - 18 in Cincinnati, OH at the Aronoff Center for the Arts

who we are

black tech week is a culture driven

experience supported by community

and corporate collaboration.

Founders, funders and corporations come to Black Tech Week for the industry’s most meaningful conference content, connections and culture. With this in mind, our team creates an incredible experience that guides investors, entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and creatives across 3 days of curated content, meaningful connections and incredible energy– empowering every attendee at BTW with unparalleled opportunities for success!

Join us in Cincinnati, Ohio July 16-18 2024 for amazing workshops, panels discussions, investor matching, highly anticipated keynote speakers, after hours activity and the most incredible energy you’ll ever feel at a professional networking and development event!

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The Journey

Road to Black Tech Week

We curate these events with one goal in mind: to connect entrepreneurs and technologists to game changing resources, knowledge, investors and most importantly - one another. Choose your journey to get started.


Engage with amazing keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops while connecting with industry leaders and investors to grow your network and your business.


Discover remarkable entrepreneurs leading incredible, investment ready startups as you network your way to a more diverse, high performing portfolio .


Build relationships with decision makers, discover internships and other meaningful opportunities as you learn from experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals.


Elevate your brand's visibility while supporting a legacy of excellence by investing in Black Tech Week promotional opportunities.

What We Do










This year we will welcome over 10,000 founders, investors, creatives, both in person and virtually, for 100+ keynotes, workshops, fireside chats and networking events.


The expo is a vibrant gathering of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts who are seeking the latest advancements in technology. This event serves as a dynamic platform for your company to highlight its innovative products, services, and solutions to a captive audience.

biz dev day

Biz Dev Day serves as the ultimate matchmaking platform, bridging the gap between founders seeking growth opportunities and corporate partners looking for cutting-edge solutions. This event is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations, collaboration, and mutually beneficial relationships that can propel businesses to new heights.

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career fair

The Career Fair brings together top-tier companies, innovative startups, and talented tech professionals in a dynamic and inclusive environment. It serves as a powerful platform for job seekers to explore employment opportunities, network with industry leaders, and showcase their skills and expertise.

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VC Matchmaking

VC Matchmaking brings together a carefully curated group of venture capitalists and angel investors who are actively seeking innovative investment opportunities. This event offers founders a platform to pitch their ideas, showcase their business and receive feedback directly from industry exports.

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